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Dynamic Model Internal Audit + Accounting Services

We are a global internal audit & accounting consulting company. We offer a dynamic business model to our clients utilizing a network of top-tier professional teams. Bottom line: We’re providing more experience to our clients at more competitive rates.

KR-CPAs - Global Business Done Locally

Global Business Done Locally

Business Audit, International Compliance

KR-CPAs' Unique View

Our Unique View

Who We Are | What We See

A Personal + Tailored Approach from KR-CPAs

A Personal + Tailored Approach

Who We Are | What We See

What Sets KR-CPAs Apart From Other Firms

We don’t use a traditional firm structure that drives costs up, and we don’t have fancy offices, but we do have senior-level management solely dedicated to the highest level of service, knowledge and maintaining strong relationships. That could be why we have a very high client retention rate to boot.

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What Our Clients Say

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The resources are identical to those in the Big 4- Excellent. The only things that have changed about me from when I worked in the Big 4 is that I now have an additional 3 years of experience and my bill rate is much lower. It’s a winning solution for any client.

John Olenberger, Owner Colorado Independent Consultants Network


While the engagements I complete are similar to when I was at a Big 4 firm, I have more flexibility in scheduling and feel more valued. When paired with lower rates for our clients, it is an unbeatable combination.

Blair Hoff, Blair Hoff CPA, LLC


KR-CPAs Accounting and Business Consulting Denver, CO









KR-CPAs Kellee Brauntz, Founder

A Letter From The Founder of KR-Cpas

Hello, I am Kellee Brauntz, CPA. I am so proud of the work we do here, at KR-CPAs. I started the company in order to offer a more exciting and personal business model to my clients, who are running businesses of every size and discipline, so that they can have the same level of service a Fortune 500 company gets – world-class knowledge and expertise tailored to their needs and budgets. We strive to build relationships with our clients that provide long term and short term internal audit needs as well as other key needs within the Accounting, Compliance and Regulatory fields.

We recognize the importance of bringing continuity and loyalty not only to our clients but equally to our consultants. We reward our talented and diverse teams with challenging and fulfilling work, attractive compensation models, and something I believe is most important – project based work schedules that allow for plenty of work/life balance.

I have every confidence that after one project engagement you’ll see our true value and how beneficial KR-CPAs can be to your company or corporation. Our goal is helping you achieve your primary goal – getting on with business. Give us a call, we’d love to talk to you.

– Kellee Brauntz, CPA


About KR-CPAs

KR-CPAs is a Denver-based, global internal audit and accounting consulting company. By utilizing a unique approach, we provide top-tier, experienced, professional consultants to companies – locally, domestically and internationally. We tailor our teams and services to meet our clients’ long and short- term needs for out-source, co-source and loan staff internal audit needs, including Sarbanes-Oxley 404 compliance, process improvements, IT audits, as well as other compliance, general accounting and finance, external audit assistance, or special project needs. We have built long-standing relationships with our clients in the manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, high-tech, governmental, and several other industries, by helping them establish or improve their foundational internal processes as well as our understanding the importance of loyalty and continuity. KR-CPAs’ large network allows us to build expert teams to meet any client need and become a key and trusted resource to our clients.

Our promise to our clients is to provide continuity, loyalty, expertise and measurable, impactful alternatives to traditional accounting firms.

KR-CPA Promise to our Clients

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About KR-CPAs


What We Do at KR-CPAs



Internal Audit & Compliance

KR-CPAs has the ability to be your fully outsourced, co-sourced or loan staff internal audit department. Every project matters to us from small to large. We are not focused on utilization, rather we are focused on delivering top level consulting that is tailored to meet the needs of our clients.


Risk Assessment

KR-CPAs collaborates with our client’s management and board members to continually assess risk management and processes to help identify potential internal and/or external risks to our clients organization. By doing this, we are able to bring awareness to processes and controls that can be enhanced or implemented by our clients. In addition, we can identify activities internal audit can perform to help monitor and mitigate those risks.

Test of Controls

KR-CPAs has significant exposure to help your company develop its controls framework, testing the design and operating effectiveness for SOX compliance, including first year efforts and with ongoing requirements. Our approach differs from other firms in that we don’t just test the control, we help design/redesign the controls to increase efficiency so controls are integrated into your current operations instead of controls dictating your operations.


Compliance Audits

KR-CPAs has an expertise in SOX, however we offer the full scope of compliance services impacting your organization. From ISO9001:2008 assistance, Import Compliance, fraud prevention, to revenue recognition, we can help you maintain your compliance.


Documentation & Evaluation of Policy & Procedures

KR-CPAs has the skill set and knowledge to help you create, implement and train your organization on important policies and procedures from both regulatory and operational purposes. We hire business professionals with backgrounds in Accounting, Finance, IT and other representative areas to create the tailored model to fit your companies objectives.

Information Technology & Security Audits

Auditing some of the most critical areas within an organization first requires you to understand the flow of information, how it impacts your organization and the security risk of that information. We have top level talent on our Team to help you not just test, but really analyze and dig into the importance of your information. We can manage or assist with various IT audits, IT SOX audits, HIPPA audits, and IT project management audits. We also have expertise and performing information and security audits such as PII, PCI, business continuity, network and device security and much more.


Controller to CFO Interim Staffing

KR-CPAs provides Controller to CFO level interim staffing during a clients hiring process, maternity/paternity leave, vacation, illness, etc. for private and public companies. We realize there is never a great time to step away from your post, but we want to offer a peace of mind knowing the reigns can be managed properly in the interim.


KR-CPAs Industry + Client Experience

We are real-world professionals with real-world experience in a variety of industries. This allows us to understand the operational and business concerns and challenges companies in all sectors face. We have ongoing relationships with companies in a wide range of industries, including:






Clean Energy


Health Care


Oil & Gas






Cable / Broadband


Financial Services









KR-CPAs Industry & Client Experience

KR-CPAs Network

The Company We Keep at KR-CPAs

KR-CPAs Network of Top-Tier Professionals


One of the reasons we at KR-CPAs have such a track record of success and high retention rate is because we employ an innovative, dynamic, more customizable approach to better assist and service our clients and partners.

KR-CPAs’ team structure is based on a network, bringing together a strong team of seasoned top-tier professionals, averaging 10 – 25 years of experience.

Our network is made up of people just like us – experienced internal audit, risk and advisory firms and professionals consisting of full-time and contract employees; all with one goal: To provide our clients with the best talent to help them succeed and thrive.

We’re skilled, motivated entrepreneurs, as proven by the success of every one of our engagements.

What sets KR-CPAs apart is we don’t utilize the traditional accounting firm structure of associates, senior associates, managers and partners that drive costs of audits up and result in less experienced staff completing the work. Rather, we build teams of qualified, senior management level professionals who perform the work. We believe this approach provides the opportunity to work with the most experienced, targeted professionals and promotes essential collaboration in order to be successful. KR-CPAs also povides interim Controller, Director and CFO-Level replacement personnel. Whether the vacancy is due to maternity/paternity leave, sudden illness, vacations or unplanned events, we supply custom tailored, temporary and project staffing for public and private companies. With any engagement, these highly experienced teams are seasoned audit leaders who work more efficiently, thereby decreasing costs to the client – and they are more likely to identify issues and opportunities for operational improvement in the course of their various audits.

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